If you are a business owner, it is highly likely that you will want to build a website to promote your products and services online. Unless you are very IT savvy and knows how to build a website yourself, you will need to outsource the development of your website to a web design company. I’m sure you may be spoil for choice when it comes to choosing a web design company as there are a lot of them out there in the market. Well, do your homework carefully and get the one that you feel is reliable. One way to do so is to compare their website design portfolios and read up reviews on them.

Once you have engaged a web design company, the next step is to monitor your web design Singapore project. There should already have an agreed list of technical requirements for your website before the formal agreement and commencement of your web design project. You should base your monitoring and evaluation efforts on the terms agreed for your web design project.

Here are some things you should take note:

1. Is the web design company on schedule to complete the web design project on time? There should be a set of milestones listed for your web design project. The web company should update you accordingly when they fulfill certain milestones which will allow you to keep track of their progress. If they are not proactive in updating you, you should take the initiative to monitor the project and show them that you are keeping a close eye on them. This will give them some pressure and prevent them from slacking off in your web development project. If they are not progressing on schedule, do not be afraid to rush them. Emphasize that you will want the website to be completed on time.

2. Are they fulfilling all your technical requirements right? Once some features have been implemented, you can test the features yourself and see if that’s exactly what you wanted. If not, you should ask them to change as soon as possible. If things drag, it will be much harder to make changes in the future.

3. Ensure the website is looking good in all device. This is typically checked by the web design team but you can act as the last checker for this and do not take their words for it. You should check that the website is looking good in all device yourself. In fact, whenever you can, you should take responsibility and check everything yourself. This will ensure that the website produced will be up to your expectations.

If you are an Internet marketer or business owner with a website, you must have heard about your web design needing to be mobile friendly or you would penalized by Google in terms of search engine results. This news was otherwise also known as mobilegeddon by Google back in April 2015.

However, what exactly does a mobile friendly website mean? Like most other things, it’s a term that gets thrown around a lot, but gets misused a lot as well.

If you were to watch the above video, what you will realize is that you really only need to focus on a few key things to make your website design mobile friendly to stay in good terms with Google so your SEO will remain well. It really is about having a menu which opens up properly on any kind of mobile device (both phones AND tablets like iPads) and also having a viewport which is not set too close to each other.

The main objectives of being friendly to mobile users is to make sure that the fonts on your website is not too small when viewed on mobile devices AND also not causing users to click on the wrong link on any part of your website due to them being located too closely to each other.

Here is a list of 5 to 10 Internet marketing agencies in Singapore and I will list out the pros and cons and what their specialties are.

  1. Shark Web Pte Ltd

Shark Web Pte Ltd is an Internet marketing agency which was established and founded by Alvin in January 2014. Basically, their main focus is actually on marketing and all things related to that. Their unique selling proposition is that even for their web design services, they will throw in 2 months free SEO for you on top of creating a conversion optimized (their specialty) web design for you. In terms of marketing services, don’t go with Shark Web if you’re looking for social marketing services because from the last time I heard, they do not provide that. But in terms of SEO, web design and AdWords they work very good.

2. SEO Agency

SEO Agency is a company in Singapore which specializes only in search engine optimization. They do not offer any kind of web design services. I their their SEO is actually pretty good considering the large list of reputable companies in Singapore which is engaging their services. They claim they do AdWords too, but I wouldn’t recommend going to a company with only ‘SEO’ in their name for AdWords – but to instead engage a specialized company in AdWords if you’re looking at advertising on Google.

3. Purple Click

As mentioned above, go for a specialized company in AdWords if you want to engage that – or at least a company which does a few things rather than specializes in SEO but claims to do other services as well. In other words, if you want SEO, pick SEO agency or Shark Web. If you want AdWords, pick PurpleClick. If you want web design, pick Shark Web.

4. Web Tailors

Their specialty is in web designing, and they provide SEO as well. In the case of such companies, I would only recommend you to work with them if your main goal is actually to build a website. Their designers are good, but SEO wise, not sure at all.

In my previous post, I mentioned about choosing a web design company. Now, assuming you have taken my advice, now it’s the time to market your website and build you some traffic so you can convert these traffic into paying leads and customers.

Finding a SEO company to work on your website for you need not be a very tough thing to do. You just need the following tips.

  • First and foremost, you must do this: Make sure that you find a reputable and renowned Singapore SEO agency to work on your website. Most business owners would like to skimp on the quality of the SEO for the sake of a few petty pennies. That can be disastrous as usually incompetent SEO consultants will destroy your rankings by messing up your long-term gains for your website. Let me explain further. When it comes to your website, you certainly only want to perform white-hat work. This is because, any kind of black hat SEO can damage your website irreversibly. Do not take that risk – it is certainly not worth it. When you mess around with your website by engaging a sub-par company, they can build you tens of thousands of links (that is all ok as long as it’s relevant and gotten there legitimately). However, if these links are not coming from websites, pages or posts which are actually relevant to your website – BOOM! You would experience a surge (if any) and then sharp decrease and complete penalty of your pages.
  • Secondly, you need to know that there is a difference between ranking blogs and ranking corporate websites. When it comes to ranking blogs, the main goal of blogs is usually to become popular to eventually demand a higher ad rate on their website. However, when it comes to corporate websites, the main goal is to sell the products and / or services. Therefore, you do not want to bother wasting resources and efforts to rank for keywords such as ‘how can I lose weight effectively?’. Instead, you want to rank for stuff such as ‘fitness gym in Bedok Singapore’ for instance. You need to zoom in on money keywords – otherwise known as terms which actually are buyer-intent keywords. (e.g. search terms that people type into Google when they want to purchase something)

With the above in your mind, you should be better equipped now when looking for a competent SEO agency in Singapore to help you increase your traffic to your website effectively and safely.

There are some things that you must note when it comes to hiring or engaging the services of a website designing company in Singapore.

First of all, you need to understand and find out what’s the real reason you want to build or revamp your website. Is it because you have a retail business but people can’t find you online and you feel that having just a Facebook page won’t cut it? You feel that having your own website will help you look much more professional and persuade more people to work with you due to a strong online presence in today’s age of the Internet? Or is it because you feel that your website loooks very outdated and that people don’t seem to be buying from you as a result of that? Or does your website look updated but people are still not buying from you? You need to figure out your goal first.

– If your goal is to simply have a website for the sake of having a website, then your main focus should be finding a company or building it yourself with the end goal of looking sleek and modern! That’s about all.
– However, if your goal is to get more customers because your current website (or lack of website) is not getting you customers despite marketing and advertising it everywhere, maybe you should engage a consultant who’s specialized in conversion optimization, which is the special science of improving your web design so as to get increased conversion rates from web visitors into customers or leads!

Second of all, find out why you want to engage an external web designing company versus doing it yourself or in-house. Are you wanting to hire a web design company because you do not have the ability to code? If so, then finding most companies would do well for you and you can go more budget conscious choices as well. However, if it is because you do not know how to build and develop a website which is designed to sell and convert your visitors into your customers, then it would be ideal for you to engage a professional in conversion optimization. That’s very important.

When it comes to Google, there are two main ways of marketing or advertising your company on it- namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM – AdWords). Both are pretty effective methods which will garner tremendous positive results if you know how to leverage on them properly.

1. The click through rates:

When it comes to Google, is there any wonder why SEO is so highly regarded and SEO services widely purchased to help companies boost their rankings and eventually their top and bottom lines? That is because AdWords actually only receives 6% of the clicks of search traffic. The remaining 94% have been found to go effectively to organic rankings – in other words, if you were to SEO your site, you would get the overwhelming bulk of the overall traffic to your website and snatch the potential customers away from your competitors.

2. Where it appears:

When it comes to AdWords, you actually get a slight advantage over your SEO competitors if you were to bid high enough and get a good click through rate. This is because you would potentially be able to appear at the very top of the searches for AdWords, even above that of the top organic result. Also, you may appear at the right side of the Google search engine results page.

When it comes to SEO, you would appear at all the other places that the AdWords results are not showing up for.

3. The pricing:

Let us assume that as a busy business owner, you have no time to do all these yourselves and so outsourced it to another company to help you perform SEO or SEM.

If you’re looking at SEM, it is generally a fixed management fee per month of between 300 dollars to over a thousand dollars a month. After that, there is also a low percentage fee of the overall ad spend.

If you are looking at getting outsourced SEO services, generally it is pretty much straightforward, in which you pay a fixed amount per month depending on your SEO requirements.

As you can see, there are several different things that you should note when it comes to marketing or advertising your business on Google. If you need a second opinion, check out http://www.sharkweb.com.sg/ as they have very good solid consultants working in the IT and tech industry for years.

In my first post, I talked about how getting a good web design and/or hiring a good designer to help you out is truly important.

However, that is only step 1 when it comes to making a legitimate source of business income online. Step 2 is about marketing.

It’s true that content is King – but without marketing (it’s Queen), you will not be able to be found by any of your customers! Build it and they will come is the biggest lie that people put out because that NEVER happens in real life. Even if you were to sell the best products and services in Singapore, without knowing about your business and you, no customers would ever come to you.

Ok fine, so you get my point. How then do you market online? If you lived in Singapore before, you would have heard or used Facebook and Google.

Most people use Facebook to catch up with their friends and many women like to use Facebook to check out blog shops which are set up on Facebook and like their statuses as well as share the statuses to hopefully get freebies from their favorite clothing companies. Research and statistics has also shown that Facebook marketing is fantastic when it comes to business to consumer products… more so if they are targeted at women.

On the other hand, if you were to get local SEO services in Singapore, you would be able to rank highly for many search terms related to your business on (Google) search engine. This is great for businesses which provide services. Most business to business companies love to advertise on Google and market through SEO because it works great for companies in Singapore with such types of business models.

In short, Facebook marketing is great for B2C products (especially if they are targeted at women). Google SEO is fantastic for B2B and B2C services.

So hopefully the above article will help you out in deciding how to allocate your business’s budget dollars appropriately.

Step 1 to building an income online is to really focus on building not your product or service unlike what most non-entrepreneurs say, but to focus on building your business model – and online marketing and sales funnel. This is extremely crucial to success online and I’ll explain more!

First of all, the term ‘build it and they will come’ does not work no matter if you build an application or a website or sell services/products online. Trust me, I’m an entrepreneur and I never believed in that phrase. That’s because if you had the best product or service in the world, or the most convenient mobile application in the world that is better than Google Docs and Microsoft combined, if no one hears about it, you will not get downloads or purchases… It’s that simple. Your marketing and sales is important. Additionally, your business model must also be sound.

So now that you know the above 2 points, what should you really note when it comes to building a business online?

First of all, you should consider getting a proficient web designer in Singapore to help you build up your company’s website if you have not already done so. There are 2 big reasons why it’s so important to get a good web design up. When people arrive on your website and they see an outdated site which looks like it was built in 2013, that gives off a very bad impression! Remember, 1 year on the Internet is equivalent to 10 years in real life. Things become outdated so fast that if you do not update your website design every other year or build a sleek and professional one, your branding and legitimacy in the eyes of your customers would be seriously ruined. To add on, a great website which is conversion-optimized will make it much easier for you to actually convert your visitors on your website into either leads or customers (depending on your requirements).

Second of all, you should then focus on marketing your website now that it’s built by a competent conversion-optimized specialist. Now, I shall leave this topic to another day. Ciaos.